Review of the Internship Program by Digital Deepak

Internship Program by Digital Deepak is a unique program which you can’t find anywhere.

I am currently one of his student in this Internship Program. I was a beginner who do not had any experience in the digital marketing field. I wanted to learn digital marketing because I need to expand my startup in this digital era.

I know that the world is digitalised.

People read news from mobiles, they order food with mobiles, they do payment digitally, they book movie tickets online and what else , youth spend their time on Instagram, WhatsApp , Facebook, Twitter etc…every field is digitalised.

Hence our marketing has to be digital.

At this perfect moment I came across the 3- month Internship Program by Digital Deepak.

Yes! It is a 3 month course, where we have live mentoring classes by Digital Deepak once in every week.

Every week we were given assignment which has to be completed by next week.

Tough thing right ?? Doing assignments even after your colleges.??

But this is the most exciting part of this Internship Program.


Can’t believe right ???

They will send money immediately after our assignment approval. I was really excited at my first payment. That motivated me to do assignments on time.

Really, I was learning through this process. I should say I was learning and earning.

This program is not only about money, it is priceless. This is a kind of “Money can’t buy thing”.

The knowledge and experience we gain through this mentorship program is something we can’t compare with any other digital marketing course.

I believe if we do not practice what we learn, our knowledge will not be transformed into understanding and if you do not understand something, you will not remember it. So the best way to learn any subject, is to learn and practice.

However if you implement and practice digital marketing, you will not only grow your skills with experience, you will also learn and remember better.

This is the experience what we get from this program.

Yes!! This program did transform me from a beginner to an expert. It made me confident.

I created my own website, got it indexed and installed google analytics.

I wrote my own sales copy for Digital Marketing Tools Mastery by Digital Deepak and I earned by selling that course.

I know how to create a landing page for lead generation.

I know what is mailchimp and zapier.

I know how to send automated email messages. I learned data automation.

And many more….!!!

We are currently going through half the way through the Internship Program. I am really excited to do more and more!! I want to explore more on digital marketing.

I wish this Internship Program never ends…

Thanks to Deepak Sir and Team for this wonderful mentorship program.

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