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I attended a webinar on ” How to shape your career in digital marketing by Digital Deepak”. He gave an intro about his journey as Digital Marketer. He did not start his career as a digital marketer but he wanted to grow his blog on motorcycle publication called BikeAdvice. To improve the blog he learned digital marketing and the blog Bike Advice became a superhit with 1,00,000+ followers and 1 Million+ page views per month.

Why Digital Marketing Job?

The demand for digital marketer is high as there are no skilled professionals in the market.

Traditional marketing is failing now because people rarely use TV, Magazines and Newspapers. Everyone has digitalised. Hence the marketing has to be digitalised

Digital marketing is very effective to sell the product. Hence the digital marketers are highly paid. This is one of the attraction for digital marketing jobs.

Everyone wanted to work with their own freedom and power. If you become a digital marketer you can work as a freelancer, or you can work from home at your pace or u can use it to grow your own business.

Tip 1: Choose a niche and focus on it

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle?

This says that 80% of the result comes from 20% of the effort (80/20).

Digital deepak says we need to focus on one thing which gives 99% result. (99/1)

He pointed that our success depend on the intersection of Passion, Talent and Market Demand.

In the digital Marketing if you choose to be SEO expert in E-Commerce then the people who are looking for SEO on E-Commerce will reach you rather than going to a General Digital Marketer. Hence you can earn more as people in specialised area are less.

Be Focussed and Earn more

Tip 2: Work for others to gain experience

When you work in a company you understand how business industry works and you can expand your network. Networking is important when you do business.

You can learn from others experience and get a chance to explore on someone else’s cost . That is you can learn more without spending any money. For example: If you want to learn Facebook boosting , learning theory alone won’t serve the purpose. So you need to get some hands on experience. This hand on experience you can get when you work in a company at their cost.

When you want to do your own start-up, it is like you are investing without knowing the profit. In simple words it is risky. If you have a job and you can work on ur start-up as a side-business , and can quit the job when you succeed in your start-up. This is what Digital Deepak did during his initial stage of his start-up. He launched his first course on Digital Deepak before quitting his job.

Tip 3: Make money as a Freelancer

Personal Brand: You have to put yourself in a position where companies are looking to hire you than you looking for jobs.

Website : Start a website and brand yourself.

Tip 4: Publish a book for personal branding

People look at book authors as experts. Publishing a book add an additional advantage to us as experts.

You can share the book with whom you want to do business. They can’t throw the book off like they do with a visiting card. Hence our contacts stays with them.

In this link Digital Deepak explains about a seminar he attended on “A Guide to Self Publish your book “- by Gerry Robert :

Tip 5: Make money through Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing we get commission for marketing other company’s product. If we have personal brand we can earn a lot by affiliate marketing.

We all wanted a Passive income and Affiliate marketing can give us passive income.Digital Deepak shared how he earned by Affiliate marketing to give us an inspiration. Yes!! He was not boasting, he even showed us the screenshots of his earning through Affiliate marketing.

Tip 6: Start a Digital Marketing Agency

There are a lot of procedures involved when you start a Digital Marketing Agency. Digital Deepak owns a digital marketing agency – PixelTrack.

When you start a digital marketing agency the first thing to do is : Choose your niche. In Tip 1 we have mentioned that the niche you choose should be focussed , then only you will succeed in your business.You should have experience on the niche you select atleast do some consultancy project on the selected niche before starting the agency.This helps you understand the market and the customer.

It will take at least 4-5 years to position your brand in the market. Once you make the brand , you will start getting clients fast.

You need to be involved in all the areas in the initial stages because the clients trust you and the project you get is because of your personal brand.

Choose a name for your digital marketing agency in such a way that you can expand it in the future.

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