Understand Your Customer Avatar

2nd class of Internship program by Digital Deepak was about the importance of understanding our customer avatar.

Good conversation is key skill for marketing. Deepak sir shared his experience that how he communicate with his customers. Understanding the customer help us communicate with them properly.Digital Deepak usually communicate friendly and it makes his customer feel that he is talking with a single individual. To improve our communication we should be authentic with our customers. They should feel it is real. We should know well our audience. Customer Avatar helps in understanding our audience better.

A better marketer should have life experience in addition to the communication skill. The way to improve life experience is travel and learn new skills.

Target Audience

The success of any business lies on how you understand your target audience. A target audience is a specific group of customers who are most likely to respond to our product and services. Target audience can be defined in two ways : Demographics and Pschycographics . Finding the target audience definition will help us to create a tone of voice that really speaks to our customer.

Target audience analysis gives direction for our marketing and ensures more consistency in messaging and building strong relationship with our customer. Hence the conversation with target audience should start with a question which is already in their mind. This is better than starting a new conversation.

We may have wide variety of audience.But our target should be on the center not on the border. The best method adopted by Deepak sir to communicate with his audience is Email Marketing. He is able to write so well because he know his target audience very well through interactions, surveys and calls.

Live Example : Customer Avatar Survey.

Deepak sir conducted a quick survey to find his target audience. He analysed the data and compiled the result on various aspects of target marketing. He posted the results in Facebook and made a call with the person who matched 100% with his results. Surveys, interactions and calls help us understand our target audience better.

Niche: People interested in learning digital marketing

A customer avatar survey of people who are interested in learning digital marketing was conducted. The survey form is shared here: https://forms.gle/XmNBPXPj1JRJ3v7e9

The result of the survey is as follows:

Jowher is 25 years old and is currently working abroad. He is married and have a kid. He is looking for a perfect job so that he can stay with his family and can even work from home. According to him, digital marketing is a good career option as we live in a time where people use the internet for everything.He has a Facebook page but no YouTube channel and no Blog.He is beginner in the field of digital marketing.

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