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Myself with my husband started our start-up on E-learning education. The content quality is good extremely good as my husband is one of the best Math Teacher (IIT ian ) in the IIT JEE Entrance Coaching Field. Quality content making is not at all a problem for us. But ” Marketing ” was our hindrance. So we decided one of us should learn the marketing skill. Hence I joined a digital marketing course nearby. Learning theory is stupid and I wanted to work on live projects and wanted a real mentor. At this moment, I came across “3 Month Internship Program by Digital Deepak”. I would say it “My best opportunity to learn Digital Marketing from the real mentor – Digital Deepak”. This 3 month internship program is a good opportunity to get hands-on experience on the basics and various aspects of the digital marketing process. ( )

Digital Deepak Internship Program

Here are some of the key points from the Internship Program

The internship program started with an introduction of the ever expanding market, Global economics etc. This segment highlighted that “Deciding where to compete is half our success”.

Improve your communication skill

This segment was about the necessity of communication skill in Digital Marketing. Communication skill is essential in all the field. Communication skill means understand, listen and carry out properly. Some of the ways to improve communication skill are:-

  1. Read for 30 minutes
  2. Listen to podcasts for 30 minutes
  3. Write a lot (minimum 500 words)
  4. Watch English sitcoms

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will never die or will never be automated as other fields. As needs and products increases ways to market them also increases. So if we focus on communication skill and human phycology we can always find a pace for us.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing is the art of using all the digital marketing methods available today in a way that each digital marketing channel compliments the other by playing its strength rather than trying to reach the goal of increasing the revenue and customer base on its own.

  1. Search Engine Marketing: Ad will be shown only to the targeted audience and payment is based on the click.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation : Improves the organic traffic
  3. Email Marketing: Collects lead, subscribers and send marketing messages.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Marketing through Facebook, Instagram etc.
  5. Digital Display Marketing: Animated and Interactive banners can distract readers
  6. Content Marketing : “Quality content ” means people get attracted towards it automatically.

Focus your area

” If you are everything to everyone, you will be nothing to no one” . We need to be really focussed o achieve success in our business.


3 major Niches are : Money, Health and Relationships.

In order to find the profitable niche, do market research and find solution to your own problem. “Scratch your own itch “

Keyword Research

There are many tools available online to find most wanted keywords or more searched keyword. Those tools provide us with the search volume. Some of the keyword search tools are :-

  1. Adwords Keyword
  2. UberSuggest
  3. Answer the Public
  4. Ahrefs
  5. MoZ
  6. SEMrush
  7. Search console

Long tail Keyword : They are more specific and people pay more for long tail keyword

Google Trend

Google Trends is a website that analyses what is hot in the market based on the popularity of top search queries  across various regions and languages. The website uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time.

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