iMovie For Beginners

Every one of us are born video editors. We have the idea, but we don’t have a user-friendly platform to work on. Here is the solution for all us – iMovie – the free video editing software. If you learn how to edit videos in iMovie, you can create Instagram clip or maybe even a short film. Here is the beginner guide which will help you to become short film maker. iMovie is the best app to edit videos easily.

iMovie – the free video editing software

iMovie is software that can be used to cut and edit videos, music, and graphics without changing any of the original files. They’re powerful tools for filmmakers .Professional video editing software  like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut are very costly, whereas iMovie is a free video editing software .Hence it is  a great place for beginners to start.

iMovie is an Apple product and  is designed keeping the average user in mind. This doesn’t make iMovie an ineffective tool. A little practice is enough to be a best video editor in iMovie. Now start learning how to cut video in iMovie with some of the basics steps below.

Create New project

Step 1 : Click Create New

Step 2 : Select Movie from Movie and Trailer

Import Video

Now we will import videos and audios into iMovie

Step 1:  Click on Import Media

Step 2: Select videos and audios to be imported. Click import selected

Step 3: Drag and drop the video to the timeline

Now video is ready to edit.

Editing the video in iMovie

In this editing process you can trim and edit your videos. You can also add music and titles to your videos and make it a fantastic clip. Here is where you need to be creative. All the tools to aid you are available here in iMovie. Let us learn have a look at each of them.

Step 1: Trim the video

Click the video in the timeline and press ⌘+B to cut the video. Delete the unwanted part of the video.

In order to trim the video, you can also simply compress the video in the timeline.

STEP 2: Drag the audio clip underneath the video in the timeline

Step 3: Click on the Titles tab. Select a title and drag and drop it above the video in the timeline

Insert an image in a video

In video editing process we often come across adding picture to a video like inserting a logo. Let us see how this is done in iMovie.

Step 1: Import the image

Step 2: Drag and drop the image above the video in the timeline.

Step 3: Now select the image in the timeline and click on the cropping icon.

Step 4: Select Fit

Step 5: Click on video overlay settings

Step 6: Select Picture in Picture and move the logo to the place where it is required.

Now the logo is ready and our video is perfect. Let us now export the video and save it.

Exporting the video

Step 1: Click on the Share icon and select File

Step 2: Save it in the desired location in your computer.

Now you are familiar with iMovie video editing. Keep practicing and become a pro-video editor in no time.

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